About Us

Michelle Wolett is the designer and owner of Chick Lit Designs. Known for her instantly recognizable handcrafted designer phone cases, handbags, and iPad covers made from hardcover books. Michelle runs her business from her home studio in the suburbs of Chandler, Arizona.

What had initially started as a way to make extra money to send to her parents that were struggling to keep their home ended up becoming a bookish empire! 10 years later, she now owns multiple companies, including:

-Chick Lit Designs, a collection of phone cases created to look like books.

-Once Upon a Book Club,  a monthly book subscription box that focuses on bringing the "Book to Life" by sending a monthly book and 3-5 individually wrapped gifts with page numbers, not meant to be opened until a given page- as the gift is described in the book.

Inspired by colors, patterns, and books, we want our customers to feel as though they are receiving a nostalgic piece of art, combining fashion with literature and technology. The products are an amazing fashion statement bridging the gap between "Brains and Beauty". 

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