Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions for us?  Take a look here for the answers!  We'll be updating this page regularly with new questions so check back frequently!

Chick Lit Designs FAQ

What is Chick Lit Designs?

Chick Lit Designs focuses on bringing practical pieces to help you express your inner bookworm every single day!  Whether it by through phone cases, handbags, iPad cases or apple watch bands, release your inner bookworm with our beautiful products!

Are all these designs yours?

Many of our designs are custom created by Michelle and her team to bring you exclusive prints that can only be found here!  Some of the artwork found on our phone cases is from artists or public databases, but all of it is allowed to be used on our pieces with permission from the original artists.

Will you make me a case with _________ on it?

We love taking on custom challenges!  You can request a custom iPad case here and a custom phone case here.  Be sure to send us an email at with the photos of what you're looking for.  We'll do our best to create something you'll love!

Do you ship to my country?

We are proud to say that we ship nearly everywhere in the world. Shipping is calculated at checkout.

How much is shipping?

Shipping within the USA is $7.50 for the first item.  $2 is added for each additional item per order.  Shipping everywhere else in the world is $13.00 for the first item, and an additional $2 for each additional item per order.  Orders over $100 ship free worldwide, so stock up and save!

What currency are your prices listed in?

All our prices are listed in US Dollars.  Please note that the conversion rate will alter the price depending on where you're ordering from.

I didn't like my case/it didn't fit my phone/it was damaged.  Can I return it?

If it is not exactly what you imagined I am happy to work with you to make it right.  will accept items for return, repair or exchange (if available) within 7 days of receipt. However, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs. Please contact us first to discuss the details of the situation so we can be prepared and give you an appropriate time frame on repairs.

I have a question that isn't listed here.  How can I contact you?

Send us an email anytime to - you'll receive a reply from us within 3 business days!

Once Upon a Book Club FAQ

What is Once Upon a Book Club?

Once Upon a Book Club is a monthly subscription box that brings a newly released novel along with 3-5 wrapped gifts.  Each gift is a mystery, as they're wrapped up like presents and labeled with a page number.  Gifts are not meant to be opened until reaching the designated page number.  Each gift is something that was mentioned in the story, so opening them is like being apart of the story itself and bringing the book to life!  

What kind of 'gifts' come in Once Upon a Book Club?

Each Once Upon a Book Club is different, as the gifts are tailored to the book we choose.  We try to include practical items that are mentioned at peak points in the story.  We've done things such as purses, wallets, candles, accessories, cookware, socks, tea, scarves, household decor, umbrellas, custom artwork, and more.  Each box is completely unique so there's no telling what yours could hold!

Who is Once Upon a Book Club for?

Once Upon a Book Club is split into two boxes, our Young Adult and Adult boxes.  Our Young Adult box is for readers ages 14+ (or at the parents discretion).  Each box features one, newly released young adult novel from an array of genres including but not limited to contemporary fiction, fantasy, mystery, sci-fi and more!  Our Adult box is intended for readers ages 18+ and typically includes novels in the contemporary fiction or historical fiction genres, though we occasionally stray from those genres slightly.  We invite anyone interested in discovering what our selections are for next month's box to email us any time at

How can I sign up for Once Upon a Book Club?

You can sign up for Once Upon a Book Club by heading to our website at! .search-bar{ visibility: hidden !important; }